Contact Info:
Dylan Rivera
(831) 241-4533

I am a website developer born and raised in the Monterey Bay area with a background in music, art and multi-media. When I build a website I like to focus on ease of navigation, website identity, and use of multi-media where necessary to enhance the end-user’s experience. I understand good SEO (search engine optimization) practices including Keyword/Meta Element use, text optimization, external linkage (especially from websites with similar content) and how to submit websites to search engines. I also understand the importance of social media networking and how to implement techniques to integrate them with a website to help boost traffic.

The Earth Tribe Studio is dedicated to bringing art into people's lives. Whether it be visual or audio, performance or studio I take great pride in my work. Connecting people through art is my passion. Besides developing websites I also write, record and produce music, create videos and multimedia projects, build presentations with keynote and created layouts for print media such as advertisements, business cards and brochures.